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Here at Psyon Games we love science and we love games.
That’s why our games will be available to everyone, free to play.
Our team brings over thirty years of experience and passion to the table.
Our vision is simple: Play. Make impact.

Who are we?

Our team is a group of talented, driven individuals, united by a set of core values.
The design, production and marketing of successful games, takes a diverse team, and we have world class talent from each field to ensure we deliver what we promise.

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What comes to your mind, when we say educational games? Yeah, we know, they’re boring.

That’s why Antidote is designed purely to entertain you, with intense casual gameplay, top quality graphics, and tons of interesting challenges.

Antidote is built on cutting edge science (with a pinch of science fiction), which adds a spark of curiosity to the excitement.

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Antibiotic resistance?

The World Health Organisation has recognized Antidote as a creative way to learn about antibiotics

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