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Takeda and Psyon Games enter into a five-year partnership agreement to scale the award-winning FULL ADHD awareness game to the European markets

FULL ADHD, a mobile game developed to raise awareness about ADHD, has been a great success in Finland and is now being scaled internationally. The game has received positive feedback both from people who have found it eye-opening and people who have found the gamified ADHD experience relatable...

The power of gamified information and how to use it to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic

For some time now many of our clients and partners have been eagerly waiting for data about what kind of benefits the Psyon Games gamified information method can bring to the digitalization strategies of the life science industry….

Information in games’ terms

As all our followers have learned to know, Psyon Games is building a better world by gamifying scientific information. We’ve discussed this topic in our blog, with investors, in the speaker stages of fairs and events, on TV, and thousands of hours with each other. But what does it really mean to gamify information? Is this just a bunch of marketing buzzwords? No. In this two-piece blog post we explain exactly what this is about and proudly showcase the reference…