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Antidote is going to be released for everyone worldwide on iOS and Android from 13th November 2017. That day is also the first day of WHO’s antibiotic awareness week. If you’re curious about how vaccines and antibiotics interact, or just want to blast some bad bacteria, bookmark that day!

On Android? You can start playing Antidote right now! We’re in early access, which means you have the chance to make a big impact on how the game develops! Be sure to leave us feedback and tell your friends.

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iOS user? You can play right now, if you’re lucky enough to be in Finland, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya, Ecuador, Pakistan or Ukraine! If you’re elsewhere in the world, and desperate to get in on the action, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do!

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Antidote : Battle of the stem cell is a defensive strategy game, set under the microscope in a futuristic lab. Defend your stem cell against hordes of bacteria and viruses!

  • It’s easy to pick up and play
  • Full of cute (and slimy?) characters with different behaviors
  • Make it as easy or hard as you like with exciting unlocks and upgrades
  • Beautiful levels, each hand crafted by us
  • All the standard fare: achievements, high scores
  • The first game that admits it’s full of dangerous viruses!

Antidote is a premium quality, free to download and play game for mobile phones, a fast paced, casual, strategic game, built on real science.

Part of what makes Antidote so new and original is that it’s built on real science. Kind of like Kerbal Space Program, Cities:Skylines and Civilization, it’s definitely an entertainment game, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a lot of amazing facts and understanding.

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