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  • The healthcare industry is under radical digitalization and looking for new digital solutions in sales, marketing, science and education


  • Psyon Games combines science and mobile games to revolutionize digital health communication
  • Our games are a modern marketing platform for our healthcare partners to increase their sales

The two most data driven industries in the World

Healthcare industry

Healthcare industry - the most data and evidence driven industry in the world

  • Efficacy and safety
  • Experience
  • Engagement
  • Compliance and adherence
  • Patient education and awareness
  • Real world evidence


✔ Designs award winning science entertainment games
✔ Collects and analyses valuable data for healthcare partners

Game Industry

Big data for monetization and optimization

  • User experience
  • Feedback loops
  • Retention
  • Social sharing
  • In-game design
  • Meaningful marketing messages
  • Community behavior

Mobile Game Industry Overview


Benefits of Gamified Information

Benefits for Patients

  • Better engagement
  • Better experience
  • Improved learning
  • Improvements in lifestyles
  • Increased compliance

Benefits for Pharma Partners

  • New channel for collecting data (including clinical trials) / Real world evidence
  • Better ROI in digital marketing
  • Better ROI in conference marketing
  • Earned media potential: (GSK pilot produced Advertising Value Equivalency of $475k in Finland with 5M population)
  • Low risk investment: Multiple options for pilot size 50k-3M

Why Psyon Games?

  • Our Antidote mobile game has been endorsed by WHO and awarded by the game industry.
  • Excellent game design team and deep understanding of pharma industry needs
  • Proven concept: Showed excellent results in the pilot with GSK
  • Flexible partner offering high ROI with low risk
  • Soon piloting with hospitals: The New Children's Hospital of Helsinki - a forerunner of digitalization - offers the test environment

Therapy area: Vaccines

Pilot study

In August 2018 GlaxoSmithKline started to cooperate with Psyon Games to test the efficiency of gamified information in spreading vaccine awareness in Finland. GSK featured Psyon Games' Antidote on their Finnish vaccine information website and measured the performance of Antidote branded content against other sections of the website. The observed KPIs were:

1. Attraction - the number of unique visitors
2. Retention - the rate of returning visitors
3. Time - the total time spent on the website.

In addition to this, Psyon Games started measuring:

1. The number of game downloads genertated from
2. The total time spent in the game
3. The amount of information delivered in the game play.

The results were promising and hinted that a larger scale cooperation could create value for both companies. For GSK value could be added in the form of brand awareness, customer acquisition and data collection and for Psyon Games in the form of a newly validated business concept.

The fresh cooperation of a pharmaceutical company and a game startup drew also lots of media attention and showcased GSK's Finnish branch as a business-savvy team making the bold moves required to update their communication to the era of digitalization, first in the entire pharmaceutical industry. The total value of visibility gained was estimated to be 417 000 € in Finland alone.

In the spring of 2019 the cooperation intensifies. GSK and Psyon Games are measuring how gamified information can boost travel vaccine marketing as a part of GSK's global travel vaccine campaign. The Antidote-themed part of the campaign is expected to deliver improved
- brand awareness (ad reach and clicks)
- engagement with content (time spent with campaign related materials)
- action taken (campaign driven doctor's appointments to take a travel vaccine).

In addition to a new communication style, Antidote provides a new type of channel for reaching wide audiences and target groups that have been previously hard to reach.


Creative and efficient vaccine related campaigns


Understading the benefits of vaccines as an integral part of game play



Increased conversion to vaccine purchases


Other therapy areas

We know the recipe behind the success of Antidote and vaccines. The same model can be applied in different therapy areas as well. Digitalization of the health care industry is happening right now. Early adopters of gamified information are sure to get a head start in the race.

If you seek digital solutions for

• Patient education
• Patient experience
• Patient engagement and compliance
• Collecting Real-World Evidence
• Data driven development
• Public awareness
• Clinical trials
• Other health care needs

Contact Psyon Games and we will tailor you the digital solutions you seek!

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