What are we made of?

Psyon Games is a company of talented, driven individuals connected by shared values, vision and mission. Representing world class talent across all the fields required for the design, production and marketing of successful games, we have what it takes to get it done.

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Our values underpin our actions

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Our vision is what we want to see

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Our mission will make our vision real

Business and communications team

It’s vital for a game company to understand business. Without that understanding, even a great game can take years to become a cult classic. That’s why we’ve carefully built our business and communications team with top talent and massive experience.

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Olli Rundgren

CEO at Psyon Games, Olli keeps the big picture under control

Jan-Markus Holm' picture

Jan-Markus Holm

Advisor Jan-Markus supports our educational deployment strategy

Santeri Koivisto's picture

Santeri Koivisto

Santeri’s years of experience in e-learning feed into our education export strategy

Valtteri Lahti's picture

Valtteri Lahti

Our science writer, Valtteri ensures we are up to date with the best and most recent science understanding.

Jukka Puurunen's  picture

Dr Jukka Puurunen

Dr Puurunen, a trained medical doctor, proofs our science

Development team

Of equal importance, of course, is a game development team that can really get stuff done. From fresh talent to industry veterans, our development team has been put together to exacting standards, to make sure the game gets done, and to make sure it gets done right.

Matt Bond's picture

Matt Bond

Our lead game designer with an eye for detail

Aino Markkinen's picture

Aino Markkinen

As lead programmer, Aino makes sure the technicalities all work

Ilkka Lesonen's picture

Ilkka Lesonen

Talented 2D and 3D artist,
Ilkka produces art for our games

Niko Korhonen's picture

Niko Korhonen

Bringing enthusiasm and fine line together, Niko develops 2D art

Mike's picture

Michael Niehoff

Mike helps to program our games and tinker with our Internet

Ville Vuorela's picture

Ville Vuorela

Ville Vuorela advises on game design

Topias Paasonen's picture

Topias Paasonen

Topias does programming and a bit of game design

Jussi Autio's picture

Jussi Autio

Fusing business with game design and production, Jussi ensures things get done

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