Business and communications team

It's vital for a game company to understand business. Without that understanding, even a great game can take years to become a cult classic. That's why we've carefully built our business and communications team with top talent and massive experience.

Olli Rundgren

CEO & Founder

The passion for games took Olli to the high stakes poker tables in his twenties.

Poker inspired him to study the psychology of gaming and gambling addiction. He has studied vario us branches of science; chemistry, physics and cell- and molecular biology in the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He co-founded Waucome in 2008. Company built prediction algorithm to detect impulsive gambling. Olli founded Psyon Games with the vision of combining the beauty of science: curiosity and understanding with the power of games. The vision of Psyon Games is to make Games for Healthier Living. Olli was selected as the top 10 private sector healthcare influencer list 2021 in Finland.

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Pasi Piitulainen

Executive Chairman & Co-founder

Pasi has spent last 20 years in global pharmaceutical companies. He has been working in senior roles in multiple disciplines like; R&D, Finance and Procurement (Actelion Pharmaceuticals and Janssen).

Pasi has a master’s degree in Industrial Economy from Lappeenranta University of Technology and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Pasi’s passion is to promote and discover new innovative solution that would help the Life science industry to move to the digital age.

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Valtteri Lahti

COO & Co-founder

Valtteri is a trained physicist, a teacher and a drag artist - a powerful combo of brains and heart. Under his operative lead Psyon Games has discovered its business in the fusion of the game industry and the life science industry. Throughout his journey at Psyon Games Valtteri has had major influence in shaping the company - from computational code to branding and from partnerships to team management.

Deep down Valtteri is a dedicated science communicator raising awareness about critical thinking, vaccines, climate change etc. wherever he goes. Witty and well-spoken, he uses his influence promote science and gamified information also as the dashing science queen Wanda O Rly!

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Kenneth Forssell

Pharma Advisor

Former CEO of GSK Fin & Swe, Kenneth has distinguished career in general management and operations within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry across the globe.

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Niko Pyrhönen

Exective Producer

Niko’s life-long passion for games has led him to make successful games already in 2 indie game companies of his own. By the time he graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), he was already widely networked with the Finnish and global game industry and known for his passion and talent. He has also done research about project management in mobile game SMEs. In the Psyon Games team Niko is responsible for marketing and managing many business and game development operations. Being both a strategist and a man of action, Niko makes things happen!

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Development team

Of equal importance, of course, is a game development team that can really get stuff done. From fresh talent to industry veterans, our development team has been put together to exacting standards, to make sure the game gets done, and to make sure it gets done right.

Severi Vidnäs

Senior Programmer

Severi is a senior software developer & team player with passion for games and technologies of making them happen. Ever since his bachelor’s degree of computer software engineering in 2009 Severi has been turning his ambition into experience non-stop over a wide range of projects and teams. In his free time Severi enjoys making woodcraft and watching movies & series.

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Niko Korhonen

Lead Artist

Niko is an enthusiastic and highly motivated artist that lives and breathers the process and outcomes of art. He has created art for numerous game studios in Finland, including Rovio. Niko masters the techniques and tools of 2D art and brings our visions to life with astounding creativity.

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Harri Tusa

3D Artist

Harri is a 3D artist who lives for the love of films, games, and visual arts. With an engineering degree and years of experience in industrial advertisement and architectural visualization he brings the eye of an analytical artist to any project. But in his core, far from cold product design, Harri is still on an eternal quest to create art that makes us feel. Also, loves dogs.

Topias Paasonen

Lead Game Designer

Topias is a talented and hard-working game designer with a strong belief that games can be more than just entertainment. He wants to help change the public view of gaming into a more positive and multi-faceted light: be it teaching with games, spreading information in a more subtle way or even global problem solving. In addition to his personal experience, Topias is backed by a few decades of designer tutors.

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Want to change the world?

Whether you’re a coder, an artist or a marketing expert, we have a wide range of career opportunities.

We look for certain things in all our people: motivation, vision, and a dedication to excellence. If you think you’re up to the challenge, we’d love to hear from you.


Board of Advisors

The best practices are the ones have been tested to work but learning everything on your own takes a lot of time. That’s why our board of advisors is loaded with experience of international business, game industry, and the industries of our partners and customers.

Peter Vesterbacka

Gaming Advisor

Peter Vesterbacka is a Finnish mobile game developer most famous for creating the popular game Angry Birds. Peter is also the founder of Slush. In 2011, TIME magazine chose Vesterbacka as one of the world’s hundred most influential people.

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Erik Gloersen

Gaming Advisor

30 years of experience creating or managing successful video game companies. From AAA console to mobile, both in Europe and in the USA with 30+ million units sold.

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Asko Niemelä

ADHD Advisor

Asko has over 20 year clinical experience of psychiatry. He is particularly interested in general hospital psychiatry, pain management and neuropsychiatry. Niemelä is one of the leading experts of ADHD in Finland and he has been working with clinical guidelines in Europe.

Pierre A. Morgon

Science Advisor

Pierre A. MORGON is CEO of MRGN Advisors and Regional Partner for Switzerland at Mérieux Développement. He is Chairman of the Board of Virometix, as well as Non-Executive Director to the Boards of Theradiag, of Eurocine Vaccines, of Vaccitech and of Univercells. Pierre has over 30 years of experience in the global life science industry at the helm of international operations, in C level positions at global level in multinational corporations and as CEO of start-up companies. He is a regular contributor to MBA programs and life science conferences, and he mentors start-up life sciences companies at the Mass Challenge incubator in Switzerland. He holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy, a Master in Business Law and a MBA and he is an alumnus of INSEAD and IMD.

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Matias Palva

Science Advisor

Studies the mechanisms of the human mind and how abnormalities cause brain diseases such as ADHD and depression. Matias uses games in his research as a possible new treatment for brain diseases.

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Dr Jukka Puurunen

Science Advisor

Dr Puurunen has all-round know-how in many areas. Before entering the medical area, he studied economics and information technology. He is extremely interested in cellular-level mechanisms and combining immunology with gaming.

Ilpo Tolonen

Pharma Advisor

Ilpo Tolonen has been working 25 years at MSD Finland in different top management positions and is now the CEO of Docrates Cancer.

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Johanna Panula

Pharma Advisor

Over 20 years in different top management positions at Novo Nordisk Finland and deep expertise in running business in chronic disease areas such as Diabetes and Obesity.

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Isaac Kobrin

Pharma Advisor

Isaac Kobrin is an internationally trained internist over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Former Head of Clinical Development and Chief Medical Officer at Actelion pharmaceuticals (Janssen).

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Tuomo Pätsi

Pharma Advisor

Tuomo Pätsi, a seasoned biopharmaceutical executive, has over 30 years of experience leading global companies in the industry, including Seagen Inc. and Celgene. He has also held key roles at Human Genome Sciences and Amgen. Currently, he's an independent biopharma advisor and serves on the boards of Faron Pharmaceuticals and Aqsens Health. Pätsi has been residing in Switzerland since 1999, with previous work experiences in Finland, France, and the US.

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Fredrik Debong

Health Tech Advisor

Fredrik Debong is a serial entrepreneur (,,, an inventor and angel investor in the spaces of health technology and financial services. He has a background as a software engineer and trained in medical computer science.

He is a co-founder and Chief Compliance Officer of, a financial services company in healthcare, as well as an investor in numerous health-tech and service companies (,,,, …), an advisor to (CH) and (Bangladesh) and a steering committee member of Also a TED-speaker and father of three, mountain runner and free diver.

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