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Here you can find the company logos and Antidote marketing material.

Media contact

Contact us for media inquiries at

Video creators

If you want to create a video of one of our games, we warmly welcome it! There are a few considerations we’d like you to respect:

  1. You can edit, but don’t misrepresent the game. For example, don’t replace the music
  2. Do use a legal version of the game. You can stream our early access games, but not private betas
  3. We’d appreciate a link to the Antidote store page (e.g.
  4. Include spoiler warnings when relevant
  5. Do be nice, don’t be nasty
  6. Do enjoy yourself and your creative freedom. If you have a cool idea, contact us and we will try to help you out 🙂

The rules in bold are also laws, so… don’t break them!

Psyon Games logos

  • Black on transparent background 1500×340

  • White on Psyon Green background 1500×340
  • Lens of truth logo 1024×1024

Antidote materials

  • Application icon 1024×1024
  • Antidote logo 870×494
  • Antidote banner 2048×1147

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