FULL ADHD is a multiple-award-winning visual novel that takes you to the diverse world of the ADHD experience! Control your life and relationships in this choice-based game.

What does ADHD feel like? There is no single right answer to this question because ADHD is always experienced individually. That’s why FULL ADHD game is so much more than just one story. It’s a visual novel packed with different kinds of experiences. In the branched story of this choice-based game, you seek to control the direction in which ADHD life is taking you.

Starting your studies, growing independent, working a side job, falling in love, making new friends and arriving in new situations but with your good ol’ brains! The life of a young adult is filled with opportunities and challenges. Accommodating to it can be difficult for anyone, not to mention if you have ADHD! Everyday life with ADHD is full of challenges, drama, strong emotions and humor.

FULL ADHD game has won the Pharmaceutical Information Act of the Year 2021 Award by Pharma Industry Finland. The “How does ADHD feel like?” campaign built around the game has also won the 2022 EMEA SABRE Award in the Consumer Health category. The game was chosen as the Game of the Year 2021 by Finnish Game Industry in the applied games category.

What does ADHD
feel like?

  • How to focus on the essential when you have a thousand thoughts running through your head at once?

  • How to take care of responsibilities when there are so many cool things to engage in?

  • How to finish your current task when the next one is already inviting you?

  • How to sit still when your internal engine just won’t stop humming?

  • How to avoid being overwhelmed when everything is so fascinating?

  • How to regulate your emotions when they are about to take over?

  • How to plan for the future when you just want to live in the moment?!

FULL ADHD takes you to ponder these questions as you jump in the shoes of young Eetu Vaarakallio and his busy ADHD life. When you are making the choices that guide Eetu’s life, your options are limited by the executive function resource, which depicts Eetu’s ability to organize, focus, go through effort, remember and regulate his emotions and actions. With an ADHD person like Eetu, this resource may suddenly run out and the story may take an unexpected turn. You can try to plan your choices carefully or just go with the flow, but remember, a single choice may change everything! As the player your choices dictate what happens to Eetu next.By playing the game multiple times, you learn to see the many sides of ADHD life with its joys and sorrows.

FULL ADHD is a game of choices, i.e. a visual novel in which the player writes the story with their own choices. The executive function resource that limits the player’s choices is based on scientific research information. The game has been developed in cooperation with Takeda, an expert psychiatrist, the Finnish ADHD Patient Association and experts by experience.

In addition to the playable story, the game has a wide in-game info library that gives further insight to the experiences depicted in the game. You may also challenge yourself to an ADHD pop-quiz and find out how much you really know about ADHD.


Play and find out!

  • Choose your path in this visual novel.

  • Experience what ADHD may feel like.

  • Manage your resources.

  • Try to cope with the everyday challenges of ADHD life.

  • Fall in love with the graphics and the colorful characters.

  • Experience drama and funny situations.

  • Live life to the fullest!

  • Learn more about ADHD and test your knowledge.

FULL ADHD is completely free and doesn’t include ads or microtransactions.

So, what does ADHD feel like?

Play and find out!


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