We threw ourselves to the Sharks – find out why investing in gamified information is a win

Science is a system of thought. It produces valuable knowledge on which our society and wellbeing are built upon. Yet, most people know very little of science and how much they owe to it in their everyday lives.

For most of human history, improving the quality of life has been a technological challenge. For 99.9% of our history, we were hunters and gatherers. Early advancements in agriculture, architecture and transportation were made by accident – experience, trial and error.

It was only in the 17th century when scientific thinking – the recipe to understanding natural phenomena – started to take its modern shape.

Since then, in mere 400 years, we’ve reached a point where our social, political and economic institutions have trouble keeping up with the ever-accelerating production of new information.

Improving human lives is no longer only about new inventions and how to distribute them, but about social change. To make the most of all available information the human species needs to empower more and more of its members to actually understand that information and to work with it.

Science is a refinement of everyday thinking

We at Psyon Games are in an impact business and dedicated to take on the task of empowerment. We envision a world where science guides our everyday thinking by providing evidence, logic and truth for everyone, not just for researchers. Even today we are surrounded by the achievements of science and most of us are alive because of them. It’s time for our thinking to catch up with this.

To work towards this vision of making science great for everyone, we harness the power of games. Games are one of the most engaging ways to spend your time.

A good game plunges you to a realm of new possibilities allowing you to discover new things in a fun way. It satisfies your curiosity with unique combinations of story, mechanics, art and mystery, yet it always leaves you hungry for more.

And let’s not forget, games are also a booming business that have proved their ability to reach people worldwide. Games influence us.

Gamifying information is powerful for businesses

But why are games not used more in business? Mostly because their potential has not been realized, yet. We believe our societies are on the edge of gamifying information, knowledge and learning. The ball is already rolling and we are witnessing a snowball effect.

Today’s educated people don’t stand for shady actions of businesses. When responsible businesses help educate and delight people in making complex information accessible, it speeds up the development towards transparency, mutual respect and trust. In the era of information, disinformation and fake news growing amount of businesses benefit directly from science literate consumers who make responsible and well-informed choices. Such businesses have lots to gain from this trend.

Psyon Games wants to be one of those businesses who enable more businesses to realize the power and benefits of gamifying scientific information. We have pitched this idea for educated angels, VCs and forerunning businesses. Businesses love it. But how about sharks?

As we all know, sharks are optimal predators that have been around for hundreds of millions of years. They have performed great in various conditions due to their ability to adapt to change.

Can the Shark Tank VC-sharks adapt to the Psyon Games way of thinking or will they choose to go extinct in a battle for scraps? Find out on March 28th at 20:00 on Channel 4 (Finland) what the Sharks of Shark Tank (Leijonan luola) think.