Welcome to Psyon Games. If you’ve just played TrumpVsScience or Trump GO, (also on Android) you might be feeling a bit shocked, angry, or confused (if you haven’t, go try them). So, why is this a thing? We created TrumpVsScience and Trump GO because we believe in inspiring curiosity, in balance with healthy skepticism. That means saying “climate change is happening, but why?”. We want people to think critically about what they hear, and ask tough questions.

The history of our species is scarred by people who preferred their own selfish interest over the shared quest for knowledge. Book burning, laws that tell people what to think and speak, fear mongering and lies have all been used to dumb down and control you and your ancestors. Today Donald J. Trump is using social media in an attempt to repeat this history. That is why we created TrumpVsScience and Trump GO – to draw attention to some of his wild claims.

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Climate change is happening, but why?A Curious Person

The thing is, climate change is happening faster than ever. Vaccines don’t cause autism. Eco light bulbs don’t cause cancer. Wind farms are good for the environment. If we ignore this advice, we will destroy ourselves.

Trump Go in the park

Does it terrify you to imagine a world in which the president of America – the most influential person in the world – believes in conspiracy theories and lies? It terrified us, so we created www.trumpvsscience.com to let you “cast your vote for science” …directly at his nonsense tweets. Along with that, we’re collecting the best information we can on each subject, so you can freely make a decision for yourself.

The way Trump uses trendy internet rumors to appeal to our fears, for his own personal power, is irresponsible. Modern civilization – your phone, your TV, your car – they all depend on scientific knowledge about ourselves and the world we live in. If we ignore science now, we stand to lose all that we hold dear to floods, plagues, and politicians.

We believe science is great. But there’s a lot of disrespect for it at the moment. If you also love the world we have built, please, help us by liking us on Facebook, telling your friends about www.trumpvsscience.com and Trump GO. Together, we can Make Science Great Again.

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The TrumpVsScience and Trump GO concepts were created by Psyon Games

TrumpVsScience and Trump GO were developed by Zaibatsu Interactive Inc.