Scifest terms and conditions

If you’re attending scifest this week (may 2018 in Joensuu) you can enter our competition for a chance to win a Lenovo android tablet. Below are the terms and conditions:

This competition is for fun! Play nice.

To enter, you must show your score on Pulmonarium via the Antidote lab view to a member of our staff (fill this form then show it to our staff!). Entries will close at 1700 on Friday 18 May 2018. The highest score at that time will be named the winner! If there’s a draw, the winner will be whoever submitted their score first.

There are two ways to enter: 16+ or have parental permission and enter contact information. If you provide contact information, it will be used only to contact you if you win. After the competition ends, all information will be deleted permanently. If you enter silly data, we won’t be able to deliver your prize!

<16 years old or just love anonymity : If you enter anonymously, it’s up to you to claim your prize! Watch our Twitter ‘@psyon_games and don’t forget your science word! If you don’t contact us within 14 days, you’ll lose your prize and we’ll give it to next highest scorer.

While stocks last, players who enter the competition (by beating Pulmonarium on their own phone) will get a one-time use Infinite energy code that will unlock the Infinite energy purchase on their phone free of charge. This code can be redeemed in the Google Play Store. The code will expire at the end of April 2019.

No purchase required. Antidote can be downloaded free on most Android and iOS devices. If you can’t play on your device, you can play on one of our demo devices, or friend’s device. You can enter as many times as you like, but only your highest score will count. If you are a member of Psyon Games or closely affiliated with them, you can’t enter