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Science, critical thinking and fact checking are making their way to pop culture. This emerging trend is vital for the continued well being of our species in the times of increasing misinformation.

Psyon on Science

Everyone at Psyon Games has an interest in science – some more than others, but we all think it’s pretty cool. That is why we speak up when we see something that contradicts the results of scientific research. Here are some myths we’ve busted. Our resident scientist Dr Brain has even spotlighted some fellow science lovers for you after the break!

Humans affect climate change

Donald Trump has started rumors that climate change is a Chinese conspiracy. However, the top scientists worldwide agree that humans do affect climate change, and that we can do something about it. read more…

Eco bulbs don’t cause cancer

Eco lightbulbs are extremely safe, and most importantly, they use considerably less electricity than old incandescent lightbulbs. That’s because less of the energy used is turned into heat. read more…

MMR does not cause autism

It is wrong to call the MMR vaccine scandal a controversy. The answer from the global scientific community is total solidarity: there is absolutely no link between MMR and autism. So why does discussion continue? read more…

Wind farms are good

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Spotlight on Science

We at Psyon Games do what we can to tackle nonsense and to embrace scientific thinking but there are also many other people, communities and organizations committed to the same mission!

Here’s a list of web pages and social media communities we recommend you take a look at! Ranging from famous scientists, the latest science news and serious debunking of dangerous rumors to ruthless anti-science satires and funny memes.
The list grows every week! Be sure to get the latest updates from our weekly Science Pop Culture Spotlight posts on Facebook and Twitter.

The Credible Hulk
A pro-science skeptical activist promoting science education and smashing pseudoscience and denialism. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry because he always backs up his rage with facts and documented sources!
Skeptical Meme Society
Using the intercultural language of memes to promote critical thinking! Sometimes a funny photo and a few lines of text are all we need to spot a fallacy in our inner logic.
Lawrence M. Krauss
Prof. Krauss is an internationally known theoretical physicist, author and media person. His impact is amplified by his strong social media presence.

A Facebook page dedicated to spreading the personal views and philosophy of astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. “For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessening the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson
Mommy, PhD
This mom has PhD Biology and Biomedical Sciences! She is also a tireless promoter of science and a destroyer of pseudoscientific claims. See her Facebook and Twitter accounts for a motherly perspective to pro-science activism.
Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes
Exposing the logic fallacies, misinformation and direct lies that can be found behind every anti-vaccine argument. RtAVM takes the meme rhetoric of the anti-vaxxers and turns it on itself.

Science-Based Medicine
A website founded by MD Steven Novella. SBM takes a strictly scientific approach to evaluate trending alternative treatments promoted online by numerous irresponsible sources. We can not emphasize enough the importance of this kind of work.
I fucking love science
The most popular science entertainment media online today! With over 25 M fans in Facebook this media provides entertaining and understandable stories, videos etc. to the ever varying topics of science news.
Bill Nye The Science Guy
The legendary Bill Nye is one of the most important science communicators of today. With over 20 of experience of making science understandable Nye continues to communicate the importance of science and space exploration as the CEO of The Planetary Society

Scientific Skeptic
A science and and philosophy education blog. “We believe that in order to become a better thinker, one must have a broad range of literacy across the gamut of scientific disciplines and a strong foundation in philosophy and formal reasoning. We also take a wide-angle lens when defining science.”
The Science Post
Oh boy…A ruthless health and science satire that cracks us up every time. This flavor of humor may not be for everyone but if you’re not easily offended then you should have a go at it!
Physics Page
Get your daily dose of physics here! Whether you’re majoring in physics or haven’t looked at physics books since high school, this Facebook page is likely to have something to offer for you. It’s good to have the occasional brain puzzling post in your feed, right?

Hate Pseudoscience
You can’t go around loving science without disliking pseudoscience. Pseudoscience includes all practices and beliefs that are disguised to look scientific but beneath the surface are based on invalid logic and dogmas. Such practices are embraced only by charlatans and impostors who have something to gain from other people’s credulity.
I Can’t Hear You Over This Science
Keeping up with the latest pro-science social media news, memes, stories etc. in a laid back way. “This is fact based science. If you bring derp, I can’t hear you over this science.”
Professor Brian Cox
A particle physicist, a Royal Society research fellow, and a professor at the University of Manchester. He has also hosted several scientific TV-shows on BBC such as Forces Of Nature With Brian Cox. Prof. Cox is an active defender of science and scientific thinking. He makes his case on Facebook and Twitter and lets the pseudoscience and conspiracy folk have it as it is!

Stop the Anti-Science Movement
A Facebook page dedicated to education through the presentation of material which debunks common pseudoscience and anti-scientific claims. This in-your-face approach is guaranteed to provoke a thought or two.
The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Clinton Richard Dawkins is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author. Widely respected and awarded for his scientific work Dawkins is also a famous atheist known for his straight-forward criticism of religion.
His foundation’s mission is to support scientific education, critical thinking and evidence-based understanding of the natural world in the quest to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and human suffering.
Do you even Science, Bro
This Facebook page creates and shares uncensored science themed memes. Promotes scientific skepticism, logic and rational thought. Don’t expect apologies from this page either. Also on Instagram and Twitter with @dyescience

The Questionist
Encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, science, skepticism, and use of the Oxford comma. Fighting woo, pseudoscience, ignorance, and science denialism.
Science Moms
This is a film that will give a voice to the science-minded moms – the women who are too often drowned out by the fear mongers, the shamers, and the CelebMoms. Through interviews with “science moms” who are on the front lines of this struggle, and using fun, informative graphics, we’ll dissect the bogus claims of these celebrities one by one and explain in simple language what the science really shows about GMOs, vaccines, homeopathy, and any of these topics that are often in the headlines, yet even more often are misunderstood. And we’ll talk to a behavioral psychologist who will illuminate the science behind why people believe weird things.
James Randi Educational Foundation
The mission of the JREF is to promote the use of evidence and critical thinking to evaluate questionable or supernatural claims. They provide information and educational tools to enable better evaluation of claims, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. They aim to inspire an investigative spirit in a new generation of critical thinkers.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe
An award-winning weekly science podcast with over 500 episodes.
Destroyed by Science
As they describe themselves: “A page dedicated to debunking of pseudoscience everywhere. Awesome science. Destruction of woo. Oh, and random stuff that I found funny. Just because.”
Phil Plait
Phil Plait is an astronomer, author, skeptic, blogger, and lecturer. He is the host and writer of Crash Course Astronomy, a web video series produced by Hank Green. We love his Bad Astronomy blog!

Pro-Science Mama
In her own words: “Mom to an awesome 5-year-old human, artist, cat lover, social anxietyist, pirate, ecomodernist, anti-religionist, sapiophile, tea-drinker and occasional smart-ass. Also likes to curse. A lot.” Take a peek at this page for down-to-earth pro-science updates
We Love GMOs and Vaccines
The Facebook page of an organization devoted to promoting biotechnology and exposing those who wish to demonize it. Also on Twitter with @welovegv.
Tim Minchin
Tim Minchin is an Australian composer/lyricist, musician, comedian, actor, writer and director. Not only is he very funny and hugely talented, he also makes a good case for science with his clever lyrics.

Chemist dedicated to bringing you science, humor, and the decimation of woo. Come for the science, stay for the dirty jokes.
The Science Literacy and Awareness Project
The Science Literacy and Awareness Project was created to promote evidence-based thinking and science literacy to combat pseudoscience.
Big Pharma $hills
A nice combination of funny memes and real news about science based medicine. “We trust the safety and efficacy of vaccinations and modern medicine. Also, there’s a sweet paycheck in it for us.” (that last bit is sarcasm, people)

Scientific Blatherings
Science, health care, technology, education, gaming… this PhD student of electrical engineering will take you through all of it in his blog!
The Logic of Science
The Facebook page of the blog with the same name. The goal of this page/blog is to educate people about how and why science works.
Videos, podcast and more! From black holes, to time travel, to crazy animal sex, Sci-Gasm deals with all the current, relevant and downright quirky issues in Science.

Disclaimer: Of course we take no responsibility of what you will find on these pages. But that’s the point isn’t it? To challenge your beliefs and to to evaluate the content yourself. Perhaps even to spark a dialogue…

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