How about an antidote for boredom?

Things are picking up pace – summer is nearing its end and with that the release of Antidote is getting closer. Big changes are on the horizon – Just to give you an idea, look forward to more content both on social media and the game, itself.

For those not aware, Antidote is our current work in progress – a scientific entertainment game where you battle to defend your stem cell from voracious viruses and bacteria. Antidote will be free to download and play, available on both Android and iOS, and it comes with a wide variety of wobbly health hazards and innovative tower defense mechanics based on real science. In Antidote, you will work to create a cure while observing the inner world of humans through an advanced microscope, slicing and splicing DNA to overcome the dastardly creatures attacking your precious stem cell.

Bacteria are something most think of as either “eww” or “dangerous.” Despite that, most bacteria are actually necessary for life – they support life itself and were the very first inhabitants of our dear planet Earth. The human body contains around one thousand different species of bacteria and most of them are either harmless or even necessary to your continued health.

Would you consider bacteria cute? The creatures of Antidote may spew out deadly neurotoxins and thirst after your stem cell, but they embody the very definition of “ugly cute”, a term coined to describe things that defy logic by existing on both ends of the spectrum of cuteness. Did they get so ugly they became cute, or so cute they turned ugly? We haven’t the slightest idea, but just look at our ickle baby Aroma (one of the various bacteria behind pneumonia) and tell us it’s not so cute you want to give it some cuddles and a loving home (hopefully outside of your body).

Whether our bacteria entice you to kill them or cuddle them, they’re sure to provide a challenge and lots of ugly-cuteness in the near future, when you battle them in Antidote: The Battle of the Stem Cell. There might even be something greater lurking behind the cute and cuddly baby bacteria – you never know…