Antidote development news – September 2017


Welcome to September’s development blog! Today we’ll begin with a look at our new user interface style (for brevity, we’ll shorten it to ‘UI’ – it includes all the buttons and 2D looking stuff), and how we implemented a consistent, efficient UI throughout Antidote, with a deep look at how our team members and teams work together. Then we’ll look … Read More

Antidote development news – August 2017

Hard mode - lots more enemies!

We got some great feedback from players with the new loadout. Thank you so much to all of you who got in touch – you’ve made a real difference! The most resounding piece of feedback was “it’s good, but it needs a lot of tweaking and tutorialing”. What we’ve decided to do is extract a few pieces of the loadout … Read More

Antidote development news – July 2017

Antidote level 1 with mods

This development update has been a long time coming. We have probably been more excited than you because.. well, we know what you’re missing. But today, we’re finally ready to share some screenshots of the Antidote loadout, which lets you choose how you play. While the loadout will be subject to change, you should get a pretty good feel for … Read More

Antidote design values

Another thing we’ve been asked quite frequently about is “What are Antidote’s core design values” and “what do they mean?” Most often the question comes in the form “How do you make it educational AND fun?” We thought it might help to share some of the values behind Antidote, which make it what it is. Antidote has 5 core design … Read More

Antidote update news

Thank you to all of you who have been providing feedback! We’ve been working hard despite perishing conditions (-15c!) to bring you today’s update. So, what’s new? Be sure to let us know what you think of the new update, and keep sending us that feedback. It keeps us warm in the cold Finnish winter πŸ™‚ Share this Post

How does Antidote relate to science?

We’ve had a lot of people ask how Antidote maps to science. It’s a big topic , but I thought I’d run through an example here on the blog. Our immune system is really, really cool, and full of unknowns. (it is cutting edge science!) That said, we know that our actual immune system is fully automated. There is no … Read More

Alpha, Beta… Release?

Terms like alpha, beta, early-access, and in-dev are used quite a lot these days. But what do they mean for Antidote? In this blog post we’ll discuss how we do things. In Antidote, each of these is a “release channel”. We have a few hundred people in Alpha, many more in beta, and (hopefully) billions in the release channel. At … Read More

Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

Everyone at Psyon Games has been working extra hard to prepare for the upcoming IndieGoGo campaign (you can find out more about it by subscribing to our mailing list below) and the eventual launch of Antidote. For most of the team, this means loss of both hair and sleep (I think the boss man’s hairline was showing signs of hiding … Read More

Meet the Team: Part 1. Game Design and Team Leading with Matthew Bond

Our team at Psyon Games is always working hard on making science fun and accessible to everyone. But who, exactly, is it that makes up the team? As the first in a series of write-ups, get to know Matthew Bond, the co-owner and CTO of Psyon Games. The ever reliable lead game designer at Psyon Games, also known as Matt … Read More

How about an antidote for boredom?

Things are picking up pace – summer is nearing its end and with that the release of Antidote is getting closer. Big changes are on the horizon – Just to give you an idea, look forward to more content both on social media and the game, itself. For those not aware, Antidote is our current work in progress – a … Read More