The power of gamified information and how to use it to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic

For some time now many of our clients and partners have been eagerly waiting for data about what kind of benefits the Psyon Games gamified information method can bring to the digitalization strategies of the life science industry. In our previous post we introduced the key concepts of gamification and gamified information. Taken that you are now familiar with them, … Read More

Information in games’ terms

As all our followers have learned to know, Psyon Games is building a better world by gamifying scientific information. We’ve discussed this topic in our blog, with investors, in the speaker stages of fairs and events, on TV, and thousands of hours with each other. But what does it really mean to gamify information? Is this just a bunch of … Read More

Antidote – kotimainen mobiilipeli houkuttelemassa jättiläisfirman yhteistyöhön 10-henkisen startupin kanssa

Taivaan porteille saapuessa on hyvä katsoa taaksepäin, mitä kaikkea sitä onkaan tullut tehtyä. Meidän, Psyon Gamesin, kohdalla nuo taivaan portit tosin ei viittaa niinkään kuolemaan, kuin businessdiiliin jollaista olemme jo vuosia metsästäneet. Vihdoin tuotantomme on saamassa todellisen näytön paikan sen suhteen, miksi koko firmamme on olemassa – tehdäksemme maailmasta paremman paikan. Luodaksemme kaupallisia pelejä, joilla on suurempikin tavoite, kuin tuottaa … Read More

Why did the bacteria cross Finland? To get to SciFest!

On May 16th, 2018, a dream was fulfilled. Cresting a local hill in Jyväskylä, turning around the muted greys of apartment buildings, an emerald jewel glimmered into view.An embodiment of one of our signature bacteria, the 1.5m tall rendering of Ollie the Cholera was wriggling gently – in the breeze, or with some life force from within? We may never … Read More

Scifest terms and conditions

If you’re attending scifest this week (may 2018 in Joensuu) you can enter our competition for a chance to win a Lenovo android tablet. Below are the terms and conditions: This competition is for fun! Play nice. To enter, you must show your score on Pulmonarium via the Antidote lab view to a member of our staff (fill this form … Read More

Spreading science with games – a new hope or a betrayal?

So it happened. Psyon Games visited the Finnish Shark Tank. Long story short, the VC Sharks refused to invest due to 3 main reasons: Some of them never invest in game companies. They found that it’s too risky to invest in such early phase. They considered our valuation (2M) too high for a company that doesn’t make revenue yet. These … Read More

We threw ourselves to the Sharks – find out why investing in gamified information is a win

Science is a system of thought. It produces valuable knowledge on which our society and wellbeing are built upon. Yet, most people know very little of science and how much they owe to it in their everyday lives. For most of human history, improving the quality of life has been a technological challenge. For 99.9% of our history, we were … Read More

Accessibility : Science for everyone

Unfounded fears about vaccinations have been with us for a long time. Yet, as Internet and social media use have surged, vaccine related misinformation is reaching far wider audiences than before. Anti-vaccination believers have formed communities around the topic urging parents not to vaccinate their children. As these anti-vaccination attitudes are trending, the death toll is rising. The Sun reported … Read More

Scientific thinking : a framework for everything to come

Remember when you were a child and every day was about discovering something new? We’re all born with a burning curiosity – a need to discover new things. We don’t all need to be academic researchers, but we can all learn to be scientific in our thinking and satisfy our curiosity. In our world, scientific thinking can help to tell … Read More