A short history of Psyon Games

Founded in April 2013 as Pisamala Oy, Psyon Games was reborn in Summer 2015 when CEO Olli Rundgren and CTO Matt Bond crossed paths at Jyväskylä’s University of Applied Sciences (JAMK). Described by observers as “love at first sight”, the pairs aligned visions was a stark contrast to their diametrically opposed approach to business.

Beginning in December of 2015, Pisamala became Psyon Games and was joined by lead programmer, Aino Markkinen and lead artist, Ville Valtiala. A fresh team and a fresh team demanded a fresh start, beginning the development of Antidote : Battle of the stem cell in Unity, with an all new code base and artistic approach.

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During spring of 2016, the xEdu program offered the team a chance to work in some of the world’s best schools to ensure that Antidote was both extremely fun to play and also relevant to the teacher’s needs. And of course the children got to design some secret features for the game…

At the end of May, Antidote reached “alpha” status – all the core game features in place, with prototype or better graphics and sounds. Since then, work has been focused on content development, bug fixing, and iterating on game design to improve the gameplay. Check back here regularly – or better still, subscribe with wordpress, email, or with your favorite social network to get the latest news, including exclusive early access to our upcoming top-secret project!