Psyon Games Company Values

Every day, we face wicked problems – problems with no single right answer. Every decision will suit some more than others. We wrote these values to guide our decision making and our growth, to help us to consciously maintain a balance and internal cohesion while doing beneficial work.

Skeptical curiosity
Curiosity is a spark that drives us to explore the unknown. But curiosity without skepticism can lead to costly mistakes. We search openly for answers, but equally we search for validation. Lifelong learning, reasoning and respect for each other’s ideas drive all that we do.

Nerdy rebelliousness
We are nerds! We are passionate and confident. We’ll do anything to satisfy our inner nerd – slip Shakespeare into math class, skip boxing for ballet, or build a deathstar from drones. We follow our individual passions, we boldly go where no one has gone before.

Creative flow
Growth is a journey. Sometimes, things are too easy, sometimes they’re too hard, but when you strike gold the balance between challenge and skill is just right. Your concept of time and self melt away, and you play till 2am without realising. This holy grail of experience is flow, and it’s the force behind our most precious memories. In all we do, creative flow motivates and leads to growth.

Wonder and humility
Our world is awe inspiring – billions of simple pieces coming together in majestic complexity. No matter what we do, the universe grinds on – yet the press of a button could change our planet forever. We humbly try to give a window on the mysteries of life, to build a bridge of understanding, so we can build spaceships rather than missiles.

Integrity and openness
In all we do, integrity is vital – starting with sharing these values – we align our intentions and actions, our thoughts and words. The best way to maintain integrity is through openness. We work closely with our community to make sure everyone knows what we do, and why we do it. You can read about our decisions online and discuss them with us.